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Di Bufala Sports Club trains in Northern California and is mostly composed of professional Futsal players from Brazil. Brazil is famous for producing many of the world’s top Futsal players and helping launch the sport beyond the borders of Brazil. The team comes to Hawaii ready to showcase their style of play and they bring with them a formidable squad. Di Bufala Sports Club will be lead by experienced players such as Marcos Konig (Brazilian Futsal League), Leandro Loss, Klaus Konig (Paraná and Minas Gerais Pro League), Danilo Fernandes (2nd division Brazilian League), and former Peruvian Futsal goalkeeper Jorge Lavalle. Di Bufala Sports Club will be guided by their head coach/manager Luiz “Loiro” Galletti.

Di Bufala Sports Club is no stranger to success, recently, they won the US National Cup, participate in tournaments in Morocco, Belgium, and Brazil. They also have won US Regional Cups, San Francisco City League and Cal North State Cups.

Di Bufala Sports Club wishes to send special thanks to their main sponsor and supporter sponsor name . It’s thru organizations like sponsor name that our sport will continue to grow and thrive around the world.

1Jorge LavalleGoleiro
2Luiz OliveiraAla, Fixo
4Leonard SilvaAla, Fixo
5Gerardo GarciaAla, Fixo
7Mathews FreireAla
8Giovanny GomesAla
9Gabriel SilveiraAla, Pivo
10Marcos KonigAla, Pivo
11Richard SalazarAla
12Victor MiramontesGoleiro
14Danilo FernandesAla, Fixo